Company profile in Tech in Asia database can be claimed if you are representing or a part of the company. You need to claim the company profile in order to get the full access of the company profile (manage company profile, post jobs and manage applicants).

If your company profile is already exist in Tech in Asia platform, you can directly claim the profile.

To claim a company profile, kindly follow these steps :

1. Go to Create New Company page

To search for your company profile on Tech in Asia Database, go to Jobs > For Employers > Manage Companies > Create new company.

2. Search company profile and claim

Once you are on the page, you will be asked to fill your company name that you are representing. Please do search from several possible keywords of your company name as we might misspelled the company name.

If you have found your company profile on the dropdown, click the company and you will be directed to another page to request admin access.

a. The company profile has not been claimed before

If you are the first person to claim the company profile, the request admin access step will be skipped, and you will be directly assigned as an admin of that company profile. Please make sure you are using your official company email for the claim.

b. The company profile has been claimed

If the company profile has admin(s) (claimed), you will be asked to request admin access. Click the "Request admin access" button and admin(s) from that company profile will review and accept your request.

Note : Please claim only the company you are affiliated to.

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