Tech in Asia Jobs provides employers with a dashboard to manage their applicants. From this dashboard employers are able to review and advance with selected candidates to an interview or hiring process.

These are the steps to manage applicants on Tech in Asia Jobs :

1. Login to your Tech in Asia account

You need to be logged in order to manage applicants. You can log in to Tech in Asia from here.

2. Accessing Manage Applicants menu

Go to “Jobs” menu, then click on “Manage Jobs”.

3. Review based on job title

Applicants will be sorted based on the job titles that you have posted before. This will help you to keep the applications organized. Select the job title then you will be able to see all the applicants that have applied for the particular position. Click on the applicants' name to review his/her profile and resume.

4. Connect or skip applicants

Click “Connect” button to accept the applicant. An email will be sent automatically to both employer and applicant’s email addresses.

If you wish to reject the applicant, click on "Skip" button.

Note : All applications will be automatically skipped in 14 days after the applications came in.

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