Talent Search is an employers feature where they will be able to browse our database of candidates and view their resumes as well as reach out to them, even for jobs they have not applied to. 

To turn up in search results within Talent Search, please ensure that your resume is set to visible under your Preference settings under Jobs You May Like. You can do this via the following steps:

  1. Upload a well-structured and updated resume to your Tech in Asia profile. You can learn more about how to upload your resume, or read more tips on what makes a well-structured resume.
  2. Go to Preference settings under Jobs You May Like
  3. Ensure your Job Search status is set to either "Actively looking for a job" or "Open to opportunities" and save changes

  4. Go to Resume Visibility and select "Make my resume visible" before saving changes
  5. Add any companies you wish for your resume to be hidden from under Blocked Companies

Your resume will now show up in the Talent Search except to companies that you have blocked.

To hide your resume from employers, simply go to Resume Visibility and set your option to "Hide my resume".