It usually comes down to two reasons.

1. The story presents you or your organization in a negative light.

We aim to cover both positive and negative aspects of the tech industry. That means sometimes we might carry stories that contain some unflattering elements. It's part of our jobs though: readers are best served when we cover the industry honestly.

In all our stories, we try to abide by these principles: 

  • Is it the truth? Stories should be based on credible sources.
  • Is it fair to all concerned? We aim to get both sides of the story, allowing parties ample time to respond. For all our articles (except opinion pieces), we write in a neutral tone. 
  • Will it build goodwill and relationships? We aim to be transparent in our intentions and be empathetic even when the story contains negative elements. 
  • Will it benefit users? We write stories that benefit the industry.

Feel free to talk to us if you believe we violated any of them. Corrective action will be taken if there's just cause.

2. The story is inaccurate or doesn't contain the full picture.

We sometimes get requests from newsmakers to edit or remove an article after it's been published. Generally, we don't retract facts that were put on-the-record during an interview or made accessible to the public. We will, however, make factual corrections or add more material to the story to make it more insightful and balanced.

Talk to us if our story contains inaccuracies or doesn't tell the full story. We'll tweak the article using our discretion if it benefits readers.

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