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Reasons why we will edit an article after it has been published:

1. Correcting factual inaccuracies.

We correct factual inaccuracies as we spot them. Corrections are noted at the bottom of the article.

2. Adding facts, context, quotes, and analysis that are relevant to the story.

With news pieces especially, we're constantly adding relevant content to flesh them out as the day progresses. 

3. The story violates our ethical guidelines.

For example, if information that is off-the-record has been published or if a news embargo has been broken.

We won't edit articles for these reasons:

1. Removing information that is on-the-record.

Once an information is on-the-record, we will not retract it. This is a standard journalistic practice.

If readers discover that factual information has been removed from an article, they will question us. This could hurt our credibility.

2. Removing information that is in the public record.

An example would be financial statements from filings on ACRA's business filing portal. Any member of the public can obtain this information.