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To start writing an article on Tech in Asia :

1. Visit Tech in Asia Write Article page

This Write Article page can be found from this link or from "Write Article" button on the top right of your menubar.

2. Start writing your article

Firstly, enter your article title, then write your article content. Note : we accept any original and meaningful content that is related to tech and startups. We do not accept any press release or any kinds of promotion for your business through this Community Post article.

3. Inserting media

From this article editor, you can also insert media, such as image and video to enrich your article. To insert the media, click the plus button on the left side and select which media you would like to insert.

For images, you can upload your images from your device or computer. For videos, you can attach a Youtube or Vimeo link and the video will be embedded to the article.

4. Saving your article

Tech in Asia's article editor is using autosave system, but you can always save your article manually just to make sure and to avoid any lost data from your article. Your saved articles will appear on your draft. Click "Drafts" button to view your article drafts.

Below is your draft article list. Click on the title to continue editing or click trash icon to delete the draft.

5. Add article tags

Before submitting your article, you need to add some tags to your article to make it easier to be discovered once it get published. To add tags, click the "Submit" button. The submit article form will show up on the right side, then enter the tags.

6. Submit your article

Once you have finished adding tags, hit the submit button and your article will be in queue to be checked by our community editors. Our editors will inform you about the status of your article or some amendments to your article.

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