Here’s how we decide which startups to cover. You don’t need to meet all the criteria to get coverage, of course:

  • Unique product, strong intellectual property, huge potential: We’re less keen on another Uber for X or subscription business. Or another clone. Originality is key here. Boring can be sexy, if it’s targeting a lucrative niche no one else is looking at.

  • Strong traction, revenue, and growth: Maybe your app is tearing through the app store rankings. Maybe you suddenly accumulated tens of thousands of downloads in a day. Maybe you have hundreds of thousands of active users or more, with double digit monthly growth. Or maybe you have millions in revenue, with strong growth. We’re interested.

  • Solid team: If your team consists of successful entrepreneurs, high-flying executives, scholars, top domain experts, or PhDs, we’re all ears.

  • Emotion-stirring human interest story: The more your story resembles Slumdog Millionaire, the more enthusiastic we are to write about you.

  • If you’ve funding from investors or crowdfunding campaigns: If you’ve raised at least hundreds of thousands from investors or the crowd, that’s validation to us.

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