To increase the chance of you being recruited, you might want to follow these several tips :

  • Add more skills to your profile. Adding skills will help employers to know which fields are you good at.
  • Upload resume to your profile. Including your resume will ease employers on reviewing you as an applicant, as employers can easily get your information in one document.
  • Add social links, importantly LinkedIn profile. In the social media era, employers are often want to know your personality and character by looking to your social media accounts. To have LinkedIn profile and add it to your profile will help you to look more professional.
  • Write profile bio. Your profile can be summarized by this profile bio, so by writing it, the bio will help employers to know you faster.
  • Write career achievements. Writing clear and detailed career achievements will help employers to understand your previous experiences.
  • Apply more jobs. The more you apply, the more the chance you will get noticed.
  • Open discussion with employers in a proper way. If employers decide to connect with you, you will get an introductory email from Tech in Asia to connect you with the employers. While the employers might not reach out to you the soonest, you can always start the conversation in a good way to give a good first impression.

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